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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Diambil terus dari sini

If you once tasted the honey, even for the past 10 years, the sweetness lingers.
If you once loved, even for the last couple of years, the feeling stays.

I care not if that person forgot me
What I do care if I do forget that person

Greatship Titanic dies
Never will be sinking ship is Friendship

See with eyes dear, see with your heart
Save your cries dear, it's not that hard

What is done can't be undone
What we can do is none

 Regretting is way too ridiculous for you
There's so many other things to do

 Smile all your way down
No need to call the clown

 Whether to live or to die or to break even
The door for you will always be open

(setelah terbaca muiz suruh post kat blog... hang nak buat bloglist ka weyh?)



Muiz Nasrallah said...[Reply to comment]

aku suruh buat bloglist budak3 axis kat sidebar. faham kan?

yui92 said...[Reply to comment]

faham2.... tambah ja widget tu..pastu tambah la url sendiri =p=p=p xpun hang suruh depa tinggal link kat fb grup tuh..snang skit nak copypaste