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Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Hijab

This entry is about hijab. Hijab is the dress code for muslims, men and women. However, in this post, I stress more on women and the jilbab (headscarf).

The hijab is not only a piece of cloth for a woman to put on their head. It means so much more.
Hijab is the symbol of faith. The universal way to silently, wordless, and humbly say "I am a muslimah, and I am proud of it."

Hijabers are protected. Although they are not becoming literally invulnerable (of course a piece of cloth won't protect you from a gunshot, for instance) but there is a protection upon them. At least we believe it comes from GOD himself, as the muslimahs are doing the jihad of upholding the sanctity of the Deen. They are burning under the hijab. Sweaty, sometimes suffocated, but they endure it. Even a man won't be able to hijab himself. Indeed in some occasions, the muslimahs are way stronger than the man.

So find the best reason for you to stay hijabed. Muslimahs, your role is big. Everyone has their part in Deen. Just remember that. The men jihad with their flesh and bone. Yours are unique. One of the jihad for women is to observe the aurah properly, as it requires more than just brute strength. It is a war of grace and beauty. The muslimahs nowadays are so fragile that they forgot how Allah already set them up high and free, but they degraded themselves. Putting themselves at lowlier places and bound to the slavery of fashion and trend, some even refuse to obey the command to wear hijab. Some are against those who preach about it. Some even compare between the hijabed and the not hijabed. All leads to fragmenting of the strength of the muslimahs, and it directly affects the whole deen.

Here are some functions of the hijab, apart from it's major role as to obey Allah.
  • Rather than wasting your money with hair vitamins, UV protector, et cetera, just put on a hijab to shield from harmful UV rays.
  • When I was 17 years old, I joined an expedition to hike Mount Kinabalu. The ustazah told us to get a snow cap. One boy said "If we buy a lot, we might get lower price. So boys, give names to me, and girls give names to her." The ustazah said "No need. For the girls, the tudung is lebih dari cukup dah."
  • Sometimes it takes about 20 minutes to set up your hair. Even hours to get a new look at the saloon. But just 5 minutes to wear a hijab and you'll be gorgeous, without having to show our skin.
  • If the wind is blowing hard, and your hair ends up like the Lion King, it won't happen if you put on a hijab.
  • Hijab can help you save on make-ups.
  • You don't have to worry about your shape if you wear hijab with loose clothes. You will still look as pretty even without showing your body off to public.
  • Being secured in hijab raises your confidence. Try it.
  • There is no better way to look demure and sweet, than to have only your face revealed.
  • Less is more - Emma Watson.
  • Hijab is a safe way to dye your hair. It can be multicolor, with or without patterns, and vibrant. It even allow you to change appearance 10 times a day.
  • A rock chick playing guitar is cool. A hijabed rock is even cooler. Yuna is one example.
  • Hijab silently says "DON'T TOUCH ME!" so you are safer than those who are not hijabed.
  • Hijab, when equipped with needles and pins, is an excellent mode of weapon for girls to self defense. Just prick the guy who tries to touch you.
  • Bad guys don't mess with hijabed girls or ladies. Even if, they will feel shy for it.
  • A not-hijabed-before girls will receive compliments and prayers when they start to wear hijab. People will be happy for them and God is pleased. 
  • A hijabed-before girls will receive smiles and silent curses when they started to remove hijab. People will be unhappy because of them and God is not pleased. 

  • The simple hijab works best. If the hijab is too tremendous and stylised, the desired outcome may be dysfunctional. So don't be excessive with the hijab. Wear as the syara' requires, not as the trend or fashion requires. 
So please mind to use the hijab. It is special gift from God to the muslimahs.  Also, it's a special order. None of any kind of creature in this universe are created so beautifully that they have to hide their beauty with hijabs. Only women. So take it as a mission. Fulfill it, and be glorious.

If you ever see a muslimah with hijab is doing bad stuff, remember that the one to blame is the woman, not the hijab.

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